When I was a young man — a teenager, I guess — I just about lived to letter. I decorated my school binders with logos of bands I liked (either official logos or ones I made up myself). I bought calligraphy pens and nibs and learned some basic calligraphy. And I was a Letraset nut, buying lots of new and interesting Letraset pages to embellish my drawings and doodles. As an adult, that mostly went away. I’m not sure where or exactly when it went, but it went, the only vestige being a slight sense of pride in my regular handwriting (when I try!). I continued to be interested in using letters, but making letters became something that experts do, not something I spent much time on, if any. I recently started using Pinterest. I’ve started playing with a creative project, and I wanted to have a place to store images to use for inspiration. Pinterest seemed too frilly (not to mention too social) for me and I looked at a lot of different software and web apps to do the job. In the end I came back to Pinterest, mainly because of it’s ubiquity. One of the boards I soon found myself making was for letterforms. Looking at all that letter work, has in turn inspired me to start trying my hand at hand lettering once again (after a 20+ year break!). I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and relatively painlessly I was able to achieve reasonable results — I expected it would be a long time before I produced anything I might want to actually show anybody. I still have a long way to go, having just taken the first step, but I’m feeling good about having taken those first steps. With this in mind, I’ve decided to start a portfolio to show my practice and have a record of my (eventual) progress. That portfolio is here.

150130a-misconception-crop 150129b-lethargic-crop 150210-ochre-crop Let me state unambiguously that these are sketches, made by a hack amateur, and are not intended to be compared to masters’ works. I’m not posting these because I think they’re fantastic examples. I’m posting them because they’re the best I’ve personally done on any given day and I’m hoping that over time they’ll get better and better and I’ll eventually be able to post fantastic examples!

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